Localisation : 10 kilometers from La Feuillie

Population : 154 inhabitants

Name of inhabitants : Frygéens

Superficie :  803 ha

Altitude :  208 m

Stream : Bièvredent

City hall: François-Mary NOEL 

2, rue Pascal Romé

76780 Fry
Tel : +33

Open on Tuesday from 6:00pm to 7:30 pm and on Friday from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

In the beginning….


The origin of the name of the village is uncertain, there are several hypotheses:

-Frei: free


- Friche : fallow land in the middle of which we built the village


-Frigea: goddess Scandinavian of the fertility and of springs.

This last hypothesis is elegant because Fry is a area where there are numerous springs.


On the tracks of past…


Fry is a very ancient parish because the worship of Saint-Cyr and Sainte Julitte who was practised, was propagated in France at the Gallo-Roman time.


M Pigeon, inventor of the lamp and of the spirit-stove who have his name, stayed at Fry (La Pigeonnière).




The church  is reshaped in the 16th  century, with a rustic porch of neo-Romanic style.


Brick-built octagonal dovecote,

freestones and slates(seigniorial house).







At the hamlet of Bièvredent, dovecote.